We regularly hold workshops on specific topics at our premises.

Workshop - German

Our German course will offer you an introduction to the essential, specific vocabulary you need for your job as a sex worker. You will learn to understand simple expressions and to express yourself. Aims: You will be able to communicate sufficiently and to avoid misunderstandings and violent situations or to seek help if necessary.

Workshop - health

A nurse provides relevant information about intimate hygiene, contraception, the menstrual cycle, medicine chests and general health care. Aims: You  have a better awareness of your body and provide for your health.

Workshop – self-defence

You will be introduced to Wen-do self-defence techniques by a Wen-do teacher. This technique has been specially developed for women and young girls so they can defend themselves from (physically stronger) men. Aims: You will learn how to consciously set limits and to physically defend yourself in violent situations.